2022 Media Guide

2022 Media Guidelines cont. Grizzlies Baseball Media Contact: Stephen Rice, Media Relations Coordinator Email: srice@fresnogrizzlies.com

Cell: (719) 313-1715 Office: (559) 320-2510 Ticket: (559) 320-4497

CREDENTIALING: A limited number of media members (including photographers) may receive credentials and access to certain Non-Restricted Areas. A) All media must apply for a daily credential with Stephen Rice at least 24 hours before a game. Advance notice is vital in order to have priority for access to these areas. B) Media members who plan to travel for road games of the Fresno Grizzlies must communicate their plans to Stephen Rice prior to each road trip. Stephen Rice will also coordinate with the opposing team’s media contact for rules and access to the facilities. WORKSPACE: Media members are limited to the workspace provided for them and MUST NOT ENTER other areas of the facility unless accompanied by Stephen Rice. Stephen Rice can also deny any media members access to other areas and that media member must abide by his decision. INTERVIEWS/VIRTUAL INTERVIEWS: All pregame and postgame interviews shall be coordinated by Stephen Rice. If the player and or coach is not available for an in-person interview, there is an option for a virtual interview. That must also be set up by Ste- phen Rice, the media member and on-field personnel that would be interviewed. A) No media member will have direct access to players, the manager or other baseball operations personnel. B) This policy is subject to ongoing review by Major League Baseball and its Clubs, based on the advice of medical experts and the applicable local guidance in the host city to determine if these rules will change during the course of the season. C) Media members must be understanding that the on-field personnel run a very rigid schedule and the inter - views may need to be re-scheduled and or cancelled. If that is the case, Stephen Rice will work with the media member to re-schedule the interview based off of timeframe. EXPECTED MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Interviews via video conference or telephone shall include: A) Managers should be available postgame. Postgame interviews with managers should begin approximately 10 minutes after the final out of the game. Pregame interviews of the manager will need to be arranged through Stephen Rice. B) Players Most Relevant to a Game’s Outcome should be made available postgame, soon after the completion of the manager’s media availability. C) Special Requests should be accommodated when possible, particularly when circumstances warrant (mile- A) Use of photographs, images, videos, audio, livestreams or other accounts or descriptions (including play-by- play data) (whether text, data or visual), in any media, of all or any part of the games or related events (“Event Information”) for non-news coverage or commercial purposes is prohibited, except as otherwise approved in a MLB PDL-authorized written agreement. B) While games or non-game events are in progress, (a) any media member shall not transmit or display video, audio, pictures, photographs or other non-text accounts or descriptions of games or non-game events in any media and (b) other information may not be transmitted more than once every half-inning of play. Anyone violat- ing these policies will have their credentials revoked. PHOTOGRAPHY: Clubs may credential still photographers from outside media outlets. Still photographers will shoot the game from specific, designated areas of the ballpark and must get permission from Stephen Rice to go outside these areas. Photographers may only enter the dugout camera wells through the seating bowl and are strictly prohibited from entering the playing field to gain access to the camera wells. The Fresno Grizzlies will detail for photographers which portions of the seating bowl they may access. Photographers may also shoot from any of the off-field photo locations throughout the ballpark with Fresno Grizzlies approval. At no point should a photographer enter the playing field, clubhouse, interview room or other Restricted Area. Also note, photogra - phers may not fraternize with on-field personnel at any point during the game under any circumstance. Anyone violating these policies will be asked to leave the premises and will have their credentials revoked. ROVING CAMERAS: Television stations are prohibited from using a “roving” camera inside Chukchansi Park without permission from Stephen Rice. At no time are camera crews allowed into the seating areas at Chukchansi Park. Interviews with fans are allowed only with approval from the Fresno Grizzlies. More guidelines can be found on the next page. stones, homecomings, injuries, etc.). USE OF VIDEO/PHOTOGRAPHY, ETC:


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